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From many years the research has been addressed to the understanding of iron metabolism in bacteria together with the study of the different functions of lactoferrin.The more relevant results obtained concern:-the iron influence on the expression of virulence genes;-the protective effect of lactoferrin  towards intracellular bacteria;-the antiviral activity of lactoferrinRecently, she has demonstrated that the infections and inflammations are related to the increase of availability of free iron in the tissues and to the decrease of haematological parameters related to iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia. First, she has demonstrated that the oral administration of lactoferrin restores the physiological levels of haematological parameters through its ability to modulate the synthesis of ferroportin, the most important protein of the systemic iron homeostasis. Successively, for the first time, she has established that the combined oral and intravaginal lactoferrin administration is able to prevent preterm delivery in pregnant women with preterm delivery threat.She is a Member of International Scientific Committee on Lactoferrin and has been Chair of VI International Conference on Lactoferrin Capri (Italy) May 2003, Co-Chair of VIII International Conference on Lactoferrin Nizza (France), October 2007, Chair of XI International Conference on Lactoferrin, 8-10 October 2013, Rome (Italy), and she will be Chair of XIII International Conference on Lactoferrin, 5-10 November 2017, Rome (Italy). In 2013 she received the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, grade Commander, for scientific achievements in the study of the functions of lactoferrin.

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Corso di Microbiologia nel secondo anno, canale B Medicina e Chirurgia;Corso di Medicina di laboratorio terzo anno, insegnamento di Microbiologia, Medicina e Chirurgia;Course of Microbiology terzo anno canale F;Corso di Microbiologia primo anno Odontoiatria;Corso di Microbiologia primo anno c.d.l in Biotecnologie.

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